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Zavanti software for NZ social and affordable housing – web demonstration

Join us on Friday 24 July to see Zavanti Social Housing in action in a short lunchtime web demonstration. Zavanti offers an intuitive, user-configurable ‘all-in-one’ system and everything today’s housing providers need to meet and exceed regulatory requirements, gain insights into their business operations, mitigate risk and provide advanced tools to staff and exemplary service to customers. …


Zavanti ERP v11.4.4 Released

Zavanti ERP Version 11.4.4 and 2020/21 Tax Tables Released These are now available for download with updates for Payroll users relevant to year end reporting. Updates to the date fields to define periods for financial reporting and for employee tax reporting. These allow you to process the pays and include in your financial reports for this year, …


Zavanti ERP 11.4.3 Released

Zavanti ERP v11.4.3 has been released with updates to accommodate claims for the JobKeeper subsidy introduced by the Australian Government to support certain businesses during the Covid-19 shambles.