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Zavanti ERP v11.4.0 released

Zavanti ERP Version 11.4.0 Released This is now available for download with over 20 enhancements and fixes. The most significant of which are: Payroll – updates for Single Touch Payroll mean that all payroll users MUST upgrade prior to next STP report creation. Single Touch Payroll – update to allow alternate reporting entity. To support the …


Zavanti ERP V11.3.1 Released

Zavanti ERP V11.3.1 containing updates for Single Touch Payroll has been released and is available for download. As this is an upgrade you MUST install v11.3.0 first. If you are on a version prior to this you can upgrade without uninstalling your existing version.


Zavanti ERP latest release available

Zavanti ERP v11.0.4 is now available for download and installation This is an upgrade with a number of major enhancements. Please refer to the upgrade and release notes for guidance on the installation process and details of the enhancements and changes. Enhanced security settings for your banking (ABA) files Additional fields for description and tracking …