From a complete business review, to very specific process analysis, Zavanti has the consulting skills to analyse and solve complex business problems. Some key approaches include:

Every company faces the challenges of attracting and retaining customers and rationalising distribution channels. At the same time clients always expect superior and more personal service, meaning the pressure to improve and remain competitive is constant.

Improvement requires customer-based strategies designed to satisfy their needs. Rewards include greater loyalty, spend, service range, improved channel efficiencies and an increased understanding of your customers.

At Zavanti we see CRM as a business strategy that’s about people. The technology required to execute that vision is secondary. At the heart of this strategy are some simple tenets.

  • Focus on your customer’s needs to develop stronger, more profitable relationships.
  • Strong relationships increase sales and improve customer retention.

Business Process Engineering (BPR) as described by its inventors, Hammer and Champy;‘The fundamental reconsideration and the radical redesign of organisational processes, in order to achieve drastic improvement of current performance in cost, service and speed.

Rather than organise a company into functional specialists, like production, accounting, marketing, etc., that focus on the tasks of each function, Hammer and Champy suggest we look at complete processes and over time build the company into a series of these processes.

At Zavanti in our conusulting process we believe that change management should be delivered before the technology. We strongly recommend that every client undertake some BPR at the start of each project. This often results in re-engineering several key processes that can then be incorporated into the design of any software applied in the future.

They say Project Management is three parts science and one part black art. Projects big and small fail on a regular basis. Cost overruns and long delays are commonplace. At Zavanti, we spent months researching why projects fail to achieve their goals. Understanding why projects fail allows us to teach our clients the essential steps to managing a successful project.

Some basics:

  • Project Management has a definite beginning and end
  • The common factors involved in any project are:
  • Time
  • Cost
  • Scope
  • Quality
  • Effective project management is the ability to deal with changes to any or all of the four factors above and still meet the client’s expectation that can change at any time.
  • Project management requires specialised skills and years of experience before true competency is achieved.

Zavanti’s project team is highly qualified and has many years of practical experience managing projects in Australia, the Far East and Africa.

Contact us today to discuss implementing an effective project management solution into your business.

Sound financial management is the cornerstone of any successful business. Understanding what the core business drivers are and having the ability to accurately measure their performance is critical to continuous growth.

The ability to balance risk and profitability is commonly achieved through comprehensive reporting systems. Working capital requirements, investment strategies to increase the company’s asset value and measuring the opportunity cost of new growth strategies to increase market share are all part of effective financial management.

Zavanti understands that financial management today is an extremely dynamic activity and work with their clients to ensure they have a solid platform for growth and that they focus on equity, profit and return on investment as key performance indicators.

As businesses strive for a real competitive edge, off the shelf products are often not enough. When you need a software application written to solve a specific problem, we can help. Zavanti specialise in developing custom applications that put you in control. This includes customisation of our currrent range of sioolutions to best meet your business needs.

We work closely with every client to make sure the software fits the business requirements, rather than the otherway around. This guarantees that the software we recommend solves the problem.

Our experienced software developers can write in a number of languages allowing us plenty of flexibility when developing a solution to meet your needs. We specialise in the Microsoft .Net Framework, ideal for web, remote and mobile applications.Use our experience to create a workable solution for your business. If you know what you want to do, we can show you how.

We follow a set methodology for developing customised software.