Support when and where you need it.

Zavanti not only prides itself on the quality of its solutions, but also on providing the highest level of post sales customer support to its clients.  As a Zavanti client, you can join the Zavanti Support Program, which provides you with instant access to our online knowledge base, user issue log, telephone technical support and webinar program.

The Zavanti Knowledge Base is the first port of call for any query you may have. Simply conduct a search using our intuitive interface for the support topic required and chances are high you will quickly discover a knowledgebase article addressing your issue.

For issues that can’t be answered through the knowledge base, you can log the question either online through our self-service portal, or by email, or get in contact with our dedicated technical telephone support team.

The Zavanti Support Program has been designed to provide you with the access and care you need to ensure business continuity.

Applications supported

  • Zavanti Feasibility
  • Zavanti ERP
  • Zavanti Sales
  • Zavanti Property Manager
  • Contracts Management
  • Project Management
  • MMI – Measure, Manage, Improve – Zavanti CRM Solution for Professional Services

Service Level Agreement

The Zavanti Support Program is based on a Service Level Agreement with our client’s that guarantees a specific level of support. Clients can receive support as part of their contract with Zavanti or as ad-hoc support as required.

Contractual support can be obtained through our self-service portal at:

Customers can initiate the support process by setting up a support request. Internal and external workflow notifications keep everyone on track and informed as to the status of the support request.

To help us handle requests efficiently, we promptly review all incidents that are reported and assign a severity level to the incident. The severity level relates to the impact that the incident has on the customer’s ability to use the product. The severity level will also determine the priority in which an incident is handled, and escalated, through the Zavanti support team.

Support Contact Details

Australian Support Number 1 300 302 358
Self-Service Portal
Hours of operation 9.00am to 5.00pm (Australian EST)

Severity Levels

While each and every client is important to us, support requests are prioritised based on their Severity Level and the order in which they are received. Please find details in the table below:


Severity Initial Response
Effect Target Resolution Time
1 (Critical) 2 business hours Critical Customer business functionality is not available. A severe Problem or Incident affecting production, which  demands immediate attention. Normal service has been disrupted. Business risk is high. Provide a resolution within 2 working days. Customer updates to occur every 2 hours.
2 (Major) 8 business hours Major Customer business functionality is not available. Problem or Incident affecting production or test systems, demands immediate attention. Customer’s business or IT service has been affected. Business risk is moderate to low. Provide a resolution within  4 working days. Customer updates every 4 hours.
3 (Minor) 16 business hours Functionality not  available which does not affect daily business. Problem or Incident has low to moderate impact.  Customer  business or IT service has not been affected. Business risk is low. Resolution is discussed and agreed to by both parties as to a reasonable timeframe for completion.
4 (Enhancement request) N/A Functionality requested which is not available in
standard operations of the software. Item will be considered for future  releases.
Resolution is discussed and agreed to by both parties as to a reasonable timeframe for completion.

Support Life Cycle

Zavanti provides support for the life cycle of its applications as follows:

  • Two (2) major releases prior to the currently available major release

Further Information

For a complete overview of the Zavanti Support Program and our Standard Terms and Conditions of support, please review the Zavanti Support Policies and Procedures.