Zavanti ERP v11.4.4 Released


Zavanti ERP Version 11.4.4 and 2020/21 Tax Tables Released

These are now available for download with updates for Payroll users relevant to year end reporting.

Updates to the date fields to define periods for financial reporting and for employee tax reporting.

  • These allow you to process the pays and include in your financial reports for this year, but report employees for the next tax year. Example is: pay period end date 28 June but date paid from the bank on 1 July. Your employee tax reporting of the pays will be in the next financial year, but your accounting records show the pay liability as processed in this financial year.
  • Note: you will have to update your tax tables BEFORE running this period pay run to have the correct tax tables apply.
  • You will also have had to set and reported Final pay to the ATO. This is best done as a blank pay run for all employees prior to creating the final pay run for this year.

Read the Release Notes for further details on what is included as well as User Guide which has been updated for the enhancements.

Our next release will be a new 64 bit version and updated back end data base. This will be released next month to allow most clients to wrap up 2020 year end reporting.

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