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Zavanti provides the only solution available on the market today that addresses all the unique requirements of Property Developers. This is no idle boast. Take a look around.

If you are not using the full Zavanti suite, then you may have an ERP for your financials and Job Costing, you most certainly will have another vendors Feasibility solution, another’s CRM, a contract management solution and rely heavily on Microsoft’s Excel for the collation of corporate information that is far too critical to be left to a simple unintegrated desk top application.

With Zavanti, you are provided with a full suite of tightly integrated capabilities that deliver the functionality required by each of your specialised functions.

What this means to you is, you don’t have to worry about integration between systems and any associated costs. You don’t have to be concerned about changes in one vendor’s solutions impacting on another’s, thereby increasing your ongoing costs and reducing your ongoing ROI.

You probably don’t want to be an IT company and have to worry about these technical issues, but more often than not, that is probably where you are finding yourself. That it not your business, but it is Zavanti’s!

Zavanti takes total care of all that for you and delivers a solution that can seamlessly work across departments, companies and functions, all within the same solution.

Zavanti ERP has been designed from the ground up to provide detailed financial, sales and operational control for businesses in the real estate and construction industries. As such, Zavanti understands that Property Developers have unique requirements, driven by the nature of the work that you undertake and your business models. Zavanti ERP addresses and supports these differences through the following solution capabilities.

What makes us different

  • Focus on Property, Construction and Services industries
  • Single solution for sales & financials
  • Flexible to meet your needs today
  • Centralised property asset database
  • Multi-company and multi-project
  • On premis or in the cloud

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